I’m Back!

Wow! I never thought that I would be back on here writing! Like guys seriously, it has been almost 5 years! So much has changed since I last wrote. I am older for one, I have gained more weight, which is to be expected, and I now kind of Iive in a new state(more like I visit a lot)! So much, and I mean sooo much, has changed, but many things remain constant. I am still that fun quirky girl who is trying to still find where she fits.

My journey has become an eye-opener and I am learning more and more that I should share more of my journey with the world. So here I am writing, again.

I am sure that many of you are wondering what my blog will be about now that time has passed. Well, truthfully part of my growth is realizing that as much as I love anime, I am not great about talking about it. Now don’t get me wrong, I will still write about animes that I watch and do reviews. However, there is a lot of new gemz in my cabinet now.

I am now into alternative fashion (yeah I know crazy right) and I am now a self-proclaimed mua! Honestly, I only like doing makeup on myself but you know. With these new Gemz, I have more to share with you, and I promise it will never be boring here in the Gemz Universe! I hope that you come and join me every step of the way!

Oh and I forgot to say I changed my name and my mantra. Of course, that would change with time! I like to say Keep Shining. Keep Thriving. Just Like a Gem.

Simply put, I want you to thrive to be different and unapologetic about it. Thrive and evolve to become the person you are meant to be. And if you find yourself in doubt, I will always be here to help you through it. Let’s strive to be Gemz together.

That’s it! I can not wait to share what I have in store. See you soon!



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