Hello!!! My name is Sumire Gemz. Welcome to my blog! I am a 21-year-old female who loves life and her “Gemz” (see what I did there?)

So,why did  I start this blog? Good Question. To be totally honest, it’s because I love to write. Writing has always been an outlet for me since I was a middle schooler going through the aches and pain of life. As time went by, I lost the will and desire to write. I began to finally speak mind rather write it all down on paper, so writing slowly became obsolete.  Before I knew it,years passed without me realizing that I haven’t wrote anything for pleasure. So, I decided to start a blog to write my thoughts, and instead of keeping them locked up in notebooks, sharing them with all those who are willing to read.

I wanted to create a blog that is as complex and deep as me, hence why the name “Gemz of Life”. Each of us all have hobbies or aspects of life that we enjoy that others either disapprove or belittle. I hit that at every time when I share my passion for anime or k-pop to someone who just doesn’t understand. They immediately judge “That’s cartoons” or “Your such a child” before they would actually click on their computer to watch one episode. It applies to alot of human nature, and that’s a stigma I want to break.

I want to inspire people that it is okay to watch anime, and its okay to love the most depressive music made. It’s okay to love asian culture even if you just that “black nerdy girl from Brooklyn” and it is certainly okay to read the most interesting books ever. All of that and more is what makes you and I human and its something to embrace. I know it would forever be a struggle, and thats why I made this outlet. I will talk about every bump,turn laugh, and cry I have through this journey. And hopefully at the end, I would be so much closer to obtaining “My Best Self”.

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