2 Top Blerd Girl Wardrobe Essentials

Hey guys welcome back to my channel... I really just typed that right? Woops no channel here this is very much a blog... but anyway welcome back! So todays post has been inspred by all the beautiful melanted women I have been seeing all over my social media accounts. As I would search instagram, I... Continue Reading →

Experiences of A Black Kawaii Girl

Yup, this is the best title that I can come up with. It kind of reminds me of a Tyler Perry movie title, but hey it really sums up what I going to talk about today. My experience: A black girl living with heart-tinted lenses to blind out all the black around her. Does it... Continue Reading →

3 Kawaii Places I Would Love To Visit

Being a kawaii girl, I always crave to visit the most aesthetic places on the planet. When I say "aesthetic", I mean places with lovely cafes, shopping areas, and of course a place where I can spot a Sanrio character or something cute along the way. These 3 places for a fact make that possible,... Continue Reading →

Fashion Trends Coming In Summer 2022

Since Spring is so close to ending, and summer is slowly but surely creeping in, let's talk fashion! What trends are we about to see surface for the hotter months of the year! I figured I should come up with a list of my own predictions! Please Enjoy! Billowing Blouses If you're not a fan... Continue Reading →

Real-Life Obligations…For Who?

I'm not sure if I even should be writing this, but at this point, I am completely over it! I am so stressed that I can't even express how I feel right now so here it goes. I am broke. Like flatline broke. Like, don't have savings broke. Like I am drowning broke. Now I... Continue Reading →

I’m Back!

Wow! I never thought that I would be back on here writing! Like guys seriously, it has been almost 5 years! So much has changed since I last wrote. I am older for one, I have gained more weight, which is to be expected, and I now kind of Iive in a new state(more like... Continue Reading →

What have I been up to??

Summer break! Trips to the beach, unnecessary shopping, fun traveling etc. It's all apart of the summer aesthetic. Well that applies for me as well! If you follow me on Instagram (if you don't, please follow me, I dont bite I promise!) you can guess that I am living it up in my home NYC!... Continue Reading →

The Anime Season is AMAZING!!!

Hey guys, your favorite girl is back again after so long. I am so lazy geez! I really need to get my life together! I did miss you all, and I have so much to talk about. I will save some for Emotional Tuesdays don't worry. Anyway, I am super psyched! So let me just... Continue Reading →


As I lay on my bed Only half asleep I constantly think of people I would love to meet From the cute little firefly to the imaginary unicorn And you cant forget The handsome young prince that lives beyond the corridor That baker that makes the best pizza pies And the epic ninja that loves... Continue Reading →

Emotional Tuesdays

Skipped Emotional Tuesday this week. I know. Thats simply because its been an emotional week. Thinking in the past can be a depresser. Remembering all the people who wronged you The pressure to be the best The desire to always do well even if it means sellimg your soul We tell ourselved thats just the... Continue Reading →

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