Experiences of A Black Kawaii Girl

Yup, this is the best title that I can come up with. It kind of reminds me of a Tyler Perry movie title, but hey it really sums up what I going to talk about today. My experience: A black girl living with heart-tinted lenses to blind out all the black around her. Does it... Continue Reading →

Real-Life Obligations…For Who?

I'm not sure if I even should be writing this, but at this point, I am completely over it! I am so stressed that I can't even express how I feel right now so here it goes. I am broke. Like flatline broke. Like, don't have savings broke. Like I am drowning broke. Now I... Continue Reading →

I’m Back!

Wow! I never thought that I would be back on here writing! Like guys seriously, it has been almost 5 years! So much has changed since I last wrote. I am older for one, I have gained more weight, which is to be expected, and I now kind of Iive in a new state(more like... Continue Reading →

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