The Need For A Yuri On Ice 2 !!!

Hey guys!! Its Sumire here again to talk her favorite subject ever, Anime!!!This post is a long time coming. As everyone should know, the Winter olympics in South Korea has started and anime seems to be center stage.In the doubles competiton, the couple did a beautiful routine to our very own Yuri on Ice!! soundtrack.It... Continue Reading →

Sometimes, I am so over life!!

I was once was told that this world is worth living for. Pfft, as if. This whole world really gives me the creeps. If it's not war, its injustice. If its not gender isolation, its racism. Is there never a time this world can truly be one? No matter where you look, everyone always want to... Continue Reading →


Hello Everyone, Welcome to my page! For those who don't know me (which is everyone), My name is Sumire... Sumire Gemz Just wanted to reach out and say Hi. First off, I guess I have to say what this blog will be about, yes? Well, I have tried so many times to start blogging and... Continue Reading →

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