Life Update: Your Girl Became a Vlogger!

Hello my Gemz out there! I know it's been a WHILE! It's been about 6 months to be exact. I still can't believe it. I promise I haven't neglected my blog (well I kind of did), bit I've been making some moves that would hopefully help shape my future! Anyway, so what have I been... Continue Reading →


Rejection, dejection are they not of the same mantras? Dealing with somethings or someone's multitude of dramas? For there once was a tale of a pure loves promise Left open to the world empty and searching for its true awmous But alas! The empty yearning lays in its wake, waiting for the poor innocent love... Continue Reading →

What have I been up to??

Summer break! Trips to the beach, unnecessary shopping, fun traveling etc. It's all apart of the summer aesthetic. Well that applies for me as well! If you follow me on Instagram (if you don't, please follow me, I dont bite I promise!) you can guess that I am living it up in my home NYC!... Continue Reading →

The Anime Season is AMAZING!!!

Hey guys, your favorite girl is back again after so long. I am so lazy geez! I really need to get my life together! I did miss you all, and I have so much to talk about. I will save some for Emotional Tuesdays don't worry. Anyway, I am super psyched! So let me just... Continue Reading →


As I lay on my bed Only half asleep I constantly think of people I would love to meet From the cute little firefly to the imaginary unicorn And you cant forget The handsome young prince that lives beyond the corridor That baker that makes the best pizza pies And the epic ninja that loves... Continue Reading →

Emotional Tuesdays

Skipped Emotional Tuesday this week. I know. Thats simply because its been an emotional week. Thinking in the past can be a depresser. Remembering all the people who wronged you The pressure to be the best The desire to always do well even if it means sellimg your soul We tell ourselved thats just the... Continue Reading →

Killing Bites So Far Review!!!

Finally!! I am back on my feet and ready to go!!!! So lets talk about the New sci-fi/action (and maybe gore) anime killing Bites!! I was so excited to find out about this anime since I love action and gore anime. I was able to finally watch it, so let me tell you what I... Continue Reading →

I Deem Today Emotional Tuesdays!!

Hey everybody!! Welcome back to my page!! If you follow me on twitter, you know I have been lagging around while I should have been writing awesome posts like I usually do. Well, I got a little.....laggy. You know those times when you start feeling down for no reason and lose desire to do practically... Continue Reading →

The Need For A Yuri On Ice 2 !!!

Hey guys!! Its Sumire here again to talk her favorite subject ever, Anime!!! This post is a long time coming. As everyone should know, the Winter olympics in South Korea has started and anime seems to be center stage. In the doubles competiton, the couple did a beautiful routine to our very own Yuri on... Continue Reading →

Sometimes, I am so over life!!

I was once was told that this world is worth living for. Pfft, as if. This whole world really gives me the creeps. If it's not war, its injustice. If its not gender isolation, its racism. Is there never a time this world can truly be one? No matter where you look, everyone always want to... Continue Reading →


Hello Everyone, Welcome to my page! For those who don't know me (which is everyone), My name is Sumire... Sumire Gemz Just wanted to reach out and say Hi. First off, I guess I have to say what this blog will be about, yes? Well, I have tried so many times to start blogging and... Continue Reading →

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