Becoming My Best Self Log

June 11,2018

Wow, so many months have passed.

Who knew that I would come this far!

I started this journey at 205 pounds around this time last year.

I was so internally unhappy, turning the supposedly happy age of 21.

I planned a party I eventually canceled due to the fact that alot ot people bailed out.

I may have not said it then, but I felt so alone. I was struggling with so much emotional baggage from the past year that I didn’t know where to start.

Every time I looked into the mirror I saw a big brown frowning monster looking back. I tried everything, and nothing worked.

I still saw myself as a fat pig that needed to so something quick to hide it all.

I wanted so much to be like all the other girls I was around : sexy,flawless, and beautiful, but I unfortunately don’t have that gene.

Everything I put on that is supposed to look good, always somehow ends up looking like a bunch of rags on my body.

I would always get discouraged and walk right out the store and mope the rest of the day through.

I was honestly tired of all this and made a vow for the next year to lose at least 10 pounds.

Why ten pounds? Well, I have some space for error, since I can be very inconsistent 😁.

Well, that’s how I started this journey. There were alot of ups and down, trials and errors,but I managed to go from 205 pounds to stepping on the scale and starting at the beautiful numbers of 180 pounds.

I not only lost 25 pounds, I kept it off!

I have never been this happy and free in my life. I can wear my swimsuit now with out fear, and even if others look at me in a negative manner,

I don’t care. I worked hard to get where I am and I want to keep striving to better.

March 1, 2018

Fast Forward two weeks and we are here. How time really flies. I never realized that I personally haven’t been writing my progress on here. I need to get better at this. I officially started to put all my important blog deadlines in my planner and my phone to set as reminders. I have to do this right! Alright, So how have I been for the last two weeks? Weirdly, great! My mom and I are doing this together, so we are learning new things everyday. We aim to do at least 10000 steps a day, if we do at least 6000 we are good. We noticed for our body types (since they are the same) we bloat whenever we eat bread or rice/pasta so we cut it completely out our diet. We only eat fruits, veggies, and protein. It is so hard!!! I really do miss rice and pasta. Spaghetti with meat balls is my favorite thing to eat. Help me!!!!! Luckily, for a while I haven’t had a real craving for it. Water became our best friend. You hear all the weight lose youtubers or fitness gurus always gripe about it, but you have no idea how true it is. When I was in Walmart with my mom we fell upon these plastic bottles that hold exactly 8 glasses of water for the day. Looking at it at first made my heart sink. How was I going to be able to finish all that water? But I took a deep breath and started to take sips whenever i could. I was so surprised of how full I felt for most of the day when I drank water. Before I had to eat 3 plates of food to feel that full. This definitely is helping me not overeat.We also bought an electronic spiralizer! I was so excited. I recently used it to spirallize some zucchini to add to a chicken veggie stir fry we made from scratch.

Just to let you know, for the longest I have been looking for a “substitute” for pasta and couldn’t really find one. I tried baked spaghetti squash and I was scarred for life. Crunchy and funny tasting “pasta” is not okay for me. But zucchini was always a veggie I neither liked nor hated. It is neutral tasting and not as crunchy which gives it an okay texture to make as noodles. It also pairs really well tomato sauce,meaning i can hae my pasta dinner again!! I was so happy that the zucchini noodles were a success.Now I really can have healthy pasta i will thoroughly enjoy. If you haven’t tried, I really recommend it.

Oh yeah, with in these two weeks I ate out at Ruby Tuesdays, and guess what? It didn’t become a cheat day for me!! I had the bourbon salmon with a caesar salad and grilled zucchini. I was so full from eating the salad that I had to carry the rest of my food home. Guess all that water drinking really did its job 🙂

As of today I am 189.4 pounds. Some people maybe lose more, but I am happy with the result. This week i haven’t been as active as last, so that might have a factor on my progress. Honestly, I don’t care on how little or big the progress is, all I care about is just progress I cant wait to see how far I go 🙂 Love Y’all SUMIRE OUT!!!

February 16, 2018

The 16th has come already. I guess that time flies by so much. I am now on day 3 of my tranformation and I guess its going fine. I have been walking 6000 steps each day and eating healthy as much as I can. It is super hard but I am doing it. I really want to add HIIT workouts to my routine. I really want to see progress. Hopefully in a few weeks I can say that I have progressed.

February 13, 2018

The start of it all. Let me tell you, I tend to do things out of the blue. But I guess many people are like that. We walk through life as if everything is working fine the way it is ,even when it’s not, until there is some godlike revelation of some kind that makes us grovel into submission to change our lives. For me, however, that is not the case. I have had my godlike revelation months ago but keep relapsing into my old behavior. I can’t help it. Doing things that I feel comfortable with doesn’t make me evil, just human. I like to be brutally honest when no one and I mean no one asked my opinion. I love wallowing in my own sorrows even though I know that doesnt help, and I love eating a big bag of chips by myself, knowing full well of my future filled with diabetes and a weak heart. I figured if I don’t turn my life around, I might end up like those miserable grandmas that regret thier lives. So, I have officially decided to start my journey on becomeing my “Best” self. What better way to keep myself to it than to document everyday as it comes? I know, I am a total genius!! Anyway, I started today with getting my health in the right place.

I am a 5’7 , 21-year-old Caribbean American girl who now weighs 195 pounds (lost 10 pounds over the summer and somehow kept it off thank God). Honestly, I really don’t know how I got to this point. It’s all a blur. I was never a big person growing up, so that can’t be my excuse.Little by little the weight piled on and soon enough I began to realize the person I saw in the mirror was not someone I recognized. It is so scary when you let yourself go like I did. Sometimes it is really hard to bounce back from. But, I am still giving it a try. My mom (who is also doing it with me) and I decided to go on a strictly water,veggies, and protein diet. Sounds fun right?

Wrong!!! i am dying right now. Believe it or not, it’s not because of the food, but what the food is doing to my body. I AM FOREVER ON THE TOILET!!!! Someone please help!!!! I never rely this way before, and it is getting harder to focus with the feel of my stomach rumbling and bubbling all the time. I really starting to regret this off the bat, but I wont give up. Hopefully, my body would adjust. But anyway,that was my day. Ill see what happens tomorrow. See Yall SUMIRE OUT~~~~

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