Kawaii Box vs. So Kawaii Box: Which Is Better?

With there being so many subscription boxes out there, it can be really hard to figure out which one is worth the hype. The same goes for kawaii subscription boxes. So today, let me help you figure out the value between the Kawaii Box and the So Kawaii box. Two different services both with the common goal of satisfying a kawaii girl’s desire to own more cute stuff from Japan. So, which holds more value?

What is Kawaii Box?

Let’s start with a quick review of what is Kawaii Box. For those that are reading this article and still aren’t sure exactly what Kawaii Box is, it’s a monthly box that you subscribe to and they send you 10-12 licensed, authentic kawaii items right to your door.

  • Items that are kawaii are adorable and often feature animals, food or some sort of whimsical character. Most of the items in the box follow this theme but not all of them do. There can be some non-kawaii items from time to time such as phone cases and practical items like stickers or notebooks which don’t necessarily fit into the category but are still fun for everyone of any age!
  • Who buys these boxes? The subscription boxes from both companies are suitable for anyone ages 10-up (the age will vary for each person). Both companies also offer gift subscriptions if someone on your list has a birthday coming up soon!

What is So Kawaii Box?

So Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription box of kawaii (meaning “cute” in Japanese) items and snacks. The company works directly with manufacturers in Japan and South Korea to source the most popular items from the region, so you can be sure that everything you receive will be authentic. When you sign up for So Kawaii Box, you get to choose between a small or a large box. Both boxes come with 8-10 cute items each month, but the large box includes at least two apparel pieces and two licensed character goods.

Also unlike Kawaii Box, So Kawaii Box will send you licensed character goods from Sanrio (the company behind Hello Kitty) and other popular anime franchises like My Neighbor Totoro and Pokemon. If this is your first time trying out a kawaii subscription service, I suggest starting off with So Kawaii Box because it’s cheaper than Kawaii Box, which makes it more affordable if you’re not totally sure whether you’ll like it yet!

How similar are the two boxes?

One of the first things that might strike you if you’re contemplating between these two boxes is how similar they are. Both contain 10-12 items, both have a kawaii theme, both are based in Japan, and both are delivered monthly. And even though their price points differ slightly—Kawaii Box costs $20.00/month while So Kawaii Box costs $35.90—they still fall into the category of relatively low-cost subscription services.

When it comes to item quantity, however, So Kawaii Box wins out by offering an extra item per month for $10 more (which works out to be about 25% more). The total value of the contents inside each box also differs wildly: So Kawaii Box has a pretty impressive estimated retail value ranging from approximately $25-$50 for its 10-12 items, whereas Kawaii Box’s selection typically has a combined value that doesn’t exceed $20.

Which box has the better value?

The Kawaii Box costs $19.90 per month, which averages out to about $1.99 per item. The So Kawaii Box costs $35 per month, and that comes out to $2.33 per item on average—so it has a better value in terms of pricing. The boxes are comparable in terms of diversity and quality, so the best choice will come down to what you want more of: quantity or price point.

Which box is more fun?

If you’re looking for a box full of unique and cute treats, look no further than Kawaii Box! Kawaii means “cute” in Japanese and they live up to their name with the most adorable selection of surprise items. Each month is a different theme, so every time you open your box it’s like taking a trip to Japan! The perfect gift for yourself or that special someone who loves all things kawaii.

So have fun opening your box, collecting the items, or giving them away—it’s totally up to you! It’s easy to fall in love with everything inside each box. It’s like having your own personal assistant shop for the best cute stuff on Earth…while saving you TONS of time and money scouring around online and wasting gas driving from store-to-store hunting down these treasures ourselves.

Both boxes are really fun and can make any kawaii lover smile. Both contain a lot of cute items. So Kawaii Box is a better value for your money because it comes with more items than Kawaii Box, and the value is more. I must say though if you are more into stationary, the Kawaii Box would be a better choice since each box comes with lots of stickers and penmanship items.

So which Box is better?

It all comes down to full-on preference. If you are a stationery queen you will 100% choose the kawaii Box over the So kawaii box. If you are just a kawaii girl looking to own some cute stuff, then you will choose the Kawaii box. Either way, both subscriptions are really amazing and are worth a try!

If you would like to check out the Kawaii box click here and use my code Gemz for $ off your subscription!

If you would like to check out the Kawaii box click here and use my code Gemz for $ off your subscription!

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