Life Update: Your Girl Became a Vlogger!

Hello my Gemz out there! I know it’s been a WHILE! It’s been about 6 months to be exact.

I still can’t believe it. I promise I haven’t neglected my blog (well I kind of did), bit I’ve been making some moves that would hopefully help shape my future!

Anyway, so what have I been up to? As the title suggests, I took the giant step into vlogging! Now for me this is a HUGE step being that I was so scared of filming myself and putting my face out there!

I am so excited to see what is in store for my channel!.

So the question is: What is your channel about?

Well that’s easy! Anime!!!! As well as nerd culture and alternative culture. I want my page to be inclusive for people from all walks of life! There will be a variety of videos ranging Slurp N Chillz, which are mukbangs which will solely be for talking about anime,kpop/kdrama reactions, to nerd culture videos!

I would love it if you guys will join me on my brand new journey!

My latest video is just my about me video which you can find here:

If you guys like what you see please subscribe and comment! I would love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for loving my blog for the past year. Even though I had large moments of time where I wasnt active you still came by to read whenever I posted. I appericiate it!

I will still post on my blog from time to time especially my poems. This will always be my creative outlet! I love you all!

As I always say, Stay Cool, Stay Classy, and Always Stay Gemzy. Be the best Gem that you can be. Because no one knows you better than you!

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