Recent K Dramas That I Think Are Worth The Watch

So... for those who are new here (and maybe old), I am a huge nerd. Like Marvel fan fighting Sherlock Holmes kind of nerd. And with being a nerd comes the constant desire to discover something new. For me, my journey started with anime and landed me straight in the land of Asian dramas- specifically... Continue Reading →

Real-Life Obligations…For Who?

I'm not sure if I even should be writing this, but at this point, I am completely over it! I am so stressed that I can't even express how I feel right now so here it goes. I am broke. Like flatline broke. Like, don't have savings broke. Like I am drowning broke. Now I... Continue Reading →


Rejection, dejection are they not of the same mantras? Dealing with somethings or someone's multitude of dramas? For there once was a tale of a pure loves promise Left open to the world empty and searching for its true awmous But alas! The empty yearning lays in its wake, waiting for the poor innocent love... Continue Reading →


As I lay on my bed Only half asleep I constantly think of people I would love to meet From the cute little firefly to the imaginary unicorn And you cant forget The handsome young prince that lives beyond the corridor That baker that makes the best pizza pies And the epic ninja that loves... Continue Reading →

I Deem Today Emotional Tuesdays!!

Hey everybody!! Welcome back to my page!! If you follow me on twitter, you know I have been lagging around while I should have been writing awesome posts like I usually do. Well, I got a little.....laggy. You know those times when you start feeling down for no reason and lose desire to do practically... Continue Reading →

Sometimes, I am so over life!!

I was once was told that this world is worth living for. Pfft, as if. This whole world really gives me the creeps. If it's not war, its injustice. If its not gender isolation, its racism. Is there never a time this world can truly be one? No matter where you look, everyone always want to... Continue Reading →

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