The Anime Season is AMAZING!!!

Hey guys, your favorite girl is back again after so long. I am so lazy geez! I really need to get my life together! I did miss you all, and I have so much to talk about. I will save some for Emotional Tuesdays don't worry. Anyway, I am super psyched! So let me just... Continue Reading →


Um….I got nominated?! OMG, WHAT’S GOING ON!!

Okay, I just have to say I am super honored to be nominated for blog awards. The problem is that I am really new to this whole blog life and dont know exactly what I am supposed to do 😅😅. So I will publically apologize to all that nominated me and I have not thanked... Continue Reading →

Killing Bites So Far Review!!!

Finally!! I am back on my feet and ready to go!!!! So lets talk about the New sci-fi/action (and maybe gore) anime killing Bites!! I was so excited to find out about this anime since I love action and gore anime. I was able to finally watch it, so let me tell you what I... Continue Reading →

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