Emotional Tuesdays: Strawberry Shortcake Kind Of Day

Hey everyone! Its your girl Sumire, here with a New edition of Emotional Tuesdays! For those who dont know, (which is everyone, since I never said anything before), June 14th I celebrated my 22nd Birthday! I know, I am getting super old! I never thought the day would come, but its here. So how did... Continue Reading →

The Anime Season is AMAZING!!!

Hey guys, your favorite girl is back again after so long. I am so lazy geez! I really need to get my life together! I did miss you all, and I have so much to talk about. I will save some for Emotional Tuesdays don't worry. Anyway, I am super psyched! So let me just... Continue Reading →


As I lay on my bed Only half asleep I constantly think of people I would love to meet From the cute little firefly to the imaginary unicorn And you cant forget The handsome young prince that lives beyond the corridor That baker that makes the best pizza pies And the epic ninja that loves... Continue Reading →

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