What have I been up to??

Summer break!

Trips to the beach, unnecessary shopping, fun traveling etc.

It’s all apart of the summer aesthetic.

Well that applies for me as well!

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, please follow me, I dont bite I promise!) you can guess that I am living it up in my home NYC!

I realized really quickly how much of the city I never really visited. Do you know how embarrassing it is for other people who havent lived in the city for 18+ years and can tell you about the places you haven’t visited yet.

So, I made it my goal when I come back to the city that I will explore every edge of the city. That includes all of the 5 boroughs, not just Manhattan, which seems to be the “city” for every non New Yorker I have ever met (sorry if you do know the difference, most people I talked to that have never been to NYC don’t seem to get that NYC is not just Manhattan).

So here are a few pictures I have taken so far:

The new World Trade Center station! OMG! It is so beautiful there, so many tourists. Inside there are stores and restaurants and the best part, It is a fully white from the inside out! It is like walking into heaven after dealing with the hell outside :). Man, I wish I got to go when it first opened! It was absolutely one of the best modern architectural buildings I have ever seen. And remember its a station, so the building extends underground!

This is on the Franklin Shuttle (don’t mind the trash under the seat lolz). It does really capture the essence of the subway to extent. You can take the shuttle to visit the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and Prospect Park. Really fun and easy ride 🙂

This is Sheepshead Bay WaterFront in Brooklyn, NY. It is personally one of my favorite places to visit in Brooklyn. It is always windy and beautiful down there. There are many restaurants down there to try and enjoying the views of the water and swans (yes i said swans ) is a plus!

Last picture within the my little collection that I am sharing today is the iconic Barclays Center of Brooklyn NY. It really does look like a boat guys! If we were able to see Noah’s Ark in real form I imagine it would be a close replica! If there is a concert coming to Brooklyn 9/10 it will be at the Barclays. Its right in the heart of prospect Heights another one of my favorite neighborhoods. I love walking around to see what new boutiques have been added and new cafes that have popped. If you are more of a retail type of gurl or guy, the the Atlantic Terminal mall is right across the street to the Barclays!

Anyway, that is just a snippet of my adventures so far. I will keep you posted on more of my adventures!

As always: Stay Cool, Stay Classy,and …. Stay Gemzy!

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