Why I never watched Voltron Legendary Defender

Yes, I know, I know This show has been everywhere. Netflix, anime news, cosplayer news… I mean everywhere. So why oh why did I not get the memo “You should be watching”.

Honestly, it is very easy to forget to watch a good anime or show because there is so many good ones going around at one time. I didn’t mean to mis one of the coolest anime going on right now, but I somehow managed to miss 6 seasons worth. This is much worse than when RWBY came out. I was literally 3 seasons behind.

Three seasons!

But let me just say, I am the type of person who would actively wait a 6 weeks to start watching a series because I love to binge watch. It gives me a sugar rush feel when I watch an episode and know that I have more to go.

It’s fun, but the down side is that while waiting, people might throw spoilers your way or you might get caught up in another show, and forget of the other shows existence. Or you plain just don’t want to watch because of the hype behind it. For me, VLD was a mixture of the three. There are so many anime that come out at once that you can easily have one fall through the cracks.

I am trying to do better.

I promise!

Anyways, I am watching the anime now and it is super AMAZING!

They are quite the dysfunctional bunch, but they have great heart!

Well, that’s my soapbox on Voltron.

What shows have you forgotten to watch?

Let me know in the comments.

I would love to hear from you!

As always:

Stay Cool. Stay Classy. Stay Gemzy!

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