What’s in Gemz’s Cupboard?

As I looked around my room, I realized that I have so many products that I have bought for everything in the book: hair , skin , nails..etc.

The sad part about it all is that I may only use the product once, just to have it sitting around gathering dust underneath a lonely cabinet. I am sure many of you can relate. So, I decided to start this segment of “Whats in Gemz’s Cupboard”. Each week (hopefully), I would choose a few items from my cupboard and review them. Some items I might have had for a long time, and some might new products I recently bought that I want to tell everyone about. It will be my first time doing reviews, so please bear with me! I am super excited to see how this goes. Well, without further ado, LETS GET STARTED!

Theres that saying that Diamonds are a girls best friend.

That may be true but what is more accurate is Skincare is a girls best friend. Taking care of your skin helps you stay looking young and fresh as you age. Its important since it helps keep blemishes to a minimum and encourages every women to look her best. For me, skincare is on a whenever-I-feel-like-it basis. I know its bad, but i am working on it. I tend to tell myself that I need to come up with a routine, but I always fall off the wagon. Thank goodness I don’t wear makeup because I know my skin would absolutely hate me for it. But I have to say that I have gotten quite better recently. I suffer from dry skin, so I use lots of oils and heavy creams to keep it moisturized. If you have similar skin like me, then some of the products I’m about to tell you about are awesome for you!


White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor for Women, Body Wash, 6.8 Ounce
I actually got this product from my mom. She is obsessed with the White Diamonds collection, and loves to where the perfume any chance she gets. I personally love the smell. It has a very light scent that is not overpowering and makes you feel very calm. The body wash is no different. It smallest amazing and leaves your skin silky smooth, which is great. I think my favorite part of this product is that you smell like an expessive perfume all day long. Who can go wrong with that?


N-Spa Fruit Extracts Exotically Creamy Coconut Rich Body Butter (200ml)
Now, this product may seem small, but it packs a punch. Whenever I put it on my skin, it is immediately revitalized and so soft! For the size i would have to say it is slightly expensive, but if you catch it on sale it is a product I would say you have to get. If you love coconut, this is the product for you, since you will be smelling like one all day long. It is perfect for all skin types especially dry skin and I would recommend it to anyone. I am literally pinching mine: I wear it only on special occasions so I can have that heavenly glow :).

Lacura 10 Day Cream and Lacura Face Care Set
As I said earlier I struggle with skincare, especial for my face. I am the type of prson who would sleep with her makeup on because she was too tired to use the makeup wipes right next to her to take it off. Talk about clogged pores! So, I decided to to better. As I was walking through my favorite store, Aldi, I came across this facial cleanser and decided ” Hey, lets give this a try. And I got to say, I absolutely LOVED IT! I was very hesitant since some cleansers I used actually dried out my skin and made my face super rough, but this cleanser did not at all! It comes out like a lotion like consistency and has this cooling effect when you put it on your face.

SALCOLL COLLAGEN Anti-Aging Moisturizing Hand Cream

And the last product that I pulled from my wonderful cupboard of goodies is Salcoll Collagen’s hand cream. A friend is who actually told me about this product. At times during the day my hands get pretty dry and my nails tend to become brittle. Other creams I used either dried out my hands or made them feel a bit sticky. What I loved about this product was that a little bit goes a long way. It covers very well and doesn’t make my skin flake. It gives my skin a nice subtle glow and smells really good. I throw it in my back so that I have something to use on the go and it never failed me yet! The price is a little more on the expensive side, but the quality makes it worth every penny!

And that’s all I have for this edition of “What’s in Gemz’s Cupboard”! Hope you all enjoyed.

If you like any of the products, and want to try them for yourself, just click on the Title links below each picture, and it will take you to the products. If you have any products that you recommend me try, please let me know! As always…


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  1. How can you forget about a coconut scented body butter? 😀 Summer is the time to use it!
    I’ve actually just written a blog post on how to repurpose beauty products you’re not using lol
    Take care and stay gemzy!

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