Emotional Tuesdays: Strawberry Shortcake Kind Of Day

Hey everyone! Its your girl Sumire, here with a New edition of Emotional Tuesdays!

For those who dont know, (which is everyone, since I never said anything before), June 14th I celebrated my 22nd Birthday!

I know, I am getting super old! I never thought the day would come, but its here. So how did I celebrate the day? I stayed in, made myself a strawberry shortcake, and watched as many episodes of  Fight Your Way as I could without falling asleep.

Friends said congrats, but I am nowhere near any of them, so there is no going out and partying as many would expect. I mean, my birthday ended up on a Thursday this year, so it was super weird to force a celebration to happen  during the week. So….. I just pushed it to the weekend.

My godsister took me out To Ponce City Market in Atlanta, and I have to say I had a great time!


I had yummy ramen from the Ton Ton ramen shop.


I had a Viva La Bam from King of Pops (which took me an hour and a half to finish #reallynotadrinker.) 


I even got to try lavender Gelato, which is even better than it sounds!


And somehow between the walking and exploring in the hot sun we ended up chilling at a pool with floating chairs. Yes, FLOATING CHAIRS! Just FYI, that definitely IS NOT at Ponce City, sorry 🙂

Overall,I had a great birthday! I couldn’t ask for a more perfect day. I actually anxious about where i would be around this time next year.

I can honestly pray that it way better than this year, and that would be very hard to top! What is your ideal birthday celebration? Comment below!

As always take care of yourselves my Gemz.

Stay cool, Stay classy, and Stay Gemzy!!!

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