Top 7 Shows I am Watching This week

I decided to start a new segment on my blog called what I am watching this week! Sounds corny, (maybe) but I want to share what shows I am watching and here from you all what shows you enjoyed and any recommendations of what I should watch next.

Here are the shows I am watching this week:

  1. Voltron Legendary Defender Season 1
  2. Wok Of Love (k-drama watched on Viki)
  3. One Piece (have to catch up)
  4. Devil’s Line (My all time fave right now!)
  5. Hero Academia New Season
  6. Black Clover 
  7. Tokyo Ghoul:Re

Wish me luck! What shows are you guys watching this week?? Do you have any recommendations on what I should watch next? Comment below! I would love to hear them!

And as always,

Stay cool, Stay classy, and Stay Gemzy!!!

2 thoughts on “Top 7 Shows I am Watching This week

Add yours

    1. Oh wow cool! I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy up to about season 4 and then I fell off the wagon. It is a very good show, just that you have to be very committed to finished.


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