2 Top Blerd Girl Wardrobe Essentials

Hey guys welcome back to my channel… I really just typed that right?

Woops no channel here this is very much a blog… but anyway welcome back!

So todays post has been inspred by all the beautiful melanted women I have been seeing all over my social media accounts.

As I would search instagram, I found many stores that sold anime and nerd culture products, but they were never really geared towards the blerd girl. So this had me thinking, there are many beautiful nerd girls out there that know about the black nerd wardrobes that they could support and is made just for them!

So I am here to shed some light on some of the places I found that sell the best nerd culture wardrobe items for the typical blerd or any nerd girl!

1. Adorned by Chi

One of the cutest stores I fell upon on Instagram. Very uplifting messages and the cutest t-shirts ever. They just came out with thier first ever comic book! Go and check them out!


2. The Quirk Shop

It is exactly how it sounds, a shop that caters to all the quik and quikless it the world! This shop like Adorned By Ch sell amazing positive messages ed shirts and other amazing content. They even have collabed with big brands like hello kitty.

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