Why Cottage Core Fashion On The Rise in 2022

As many of you already know, alt fashion or alternative styles have become all the rage within the fashion world. Some styles are edgier and share a very rebellious view and some are more on the softer end of the spectrum. One particular style I do see resurfacing quite a bit right now is cottagecore and I think it is here to stay. The question is why? Well, let’s try to deep dive into it!

What is cottage core?

Cottage core, also known as country core or farmcore, is a fashion trend inspired by vintage fashion and rural living. It is a modern interpretation of romanticized ideas about the past. The clothes are relaxed and comfortable, evoking an earthy feel.

Why is it on the rise?

You’ve probably seen an uptick in people posting images online of themselves in a cottagecore aesthetic. It’s a trend that’s growing more and more popular, particularly among millennials. Cottagecore represents a strong reaction to the fast-paced, stressful lifestyle of today. It highlights the need to slow down, relax and reconnect with nature. The fashion of cottagecore is made up of delicate patterns, floral prints, ruffles, and bows. The reason such a style would be on the rise is due to the pandemic. Many people have gotten comfortable with their loungewear and living in a more stable and stress-free environment. The call of the cottagecore lifestyle is appealing to the softer freer mindset that was set when people were able to finally take a break and think about what they wanted. Also, there has been a large call to embrace nature as well.

How do you wear cottage core style?

Cottage core style is all about comfort and simplicity, so the key to dressing in this aesthetic is choosing clothing that brings you joy and making sure your outfit makes sense for the day ahead. You can wear cottagecore clothes with a modern twist, or go vintage. If you’re going to be outside gardening, choose a dress that’s easy to move around in. If you’ll be spending the day inside writing poetry, select something cozy but with a little more structure—just make sure it’s appropriate for whatever activity you’re engaged in at any moment. Either way, there are plenty of options out there. Here are some styles worth trying:

  • Floral sundress
  • Vintage dress
  • White linen shirtdress
  • Ruffle neck maxi dress
  • Flower-print bohemian maxi dress
  • Linen button-down shirt dress with pockets (which can also be worn unbuttoned as an overshirt)
  • Gingham print midi sundress (worn here as an open robe over black leggings)

Who wears cottage core fashion?

With all of the fashion trends today, it is hard to keep up. Every season brings something new and trendy, whether it’s a brand new style that nails the look for an entire season or a trend that’s been around forever but was made famous again thanks to a certain influencer. But one thing remains constant: cottage core fashion—a look that blends together western and Chinese influences with a unique mix of fabrics and colors—will always be in. Everyone can wear cottagecore fashion if they want to. Fashion in itself does not discriminate! So if you want to embrace a softer lifestyle and mindset by all means try it out. If it turns out that it was not the best fit, that is okay. At least you experimented and tried. That is the beauty behind fashion. We should allow ourselves to try and experience new things and be okay to say when it’s not the right fit, and cottagecore fashion is no different! I cannot wait to see what summer 2022 hs to hold and what other trends might startup!

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  1. Ooh I love this! I love cottage core fashion but I don’t personally have many items of clothing which fit it – although I’d love to change that! I’d definitely like to get a couple of floral sundresses as well as some shirt dresses. Thank you so much for sharing x


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