3 Places A Plus Sized Girl Can Shop For Pleated Skirts

As a bigger girl, I know how hard it is to find the styles of clothes you like in your size, especially in alt fashion. I especially struggled to find pleated skirts in my size. I know that is specific, but hear me out. As someone who enjoys what is now called the ‘e-girl’ aesthetic, having pleated skirts was definitely a part of the wardrobe. So I hope that this post will help whoever comes across it know that they now have access to dress how they want!

Fashion to Figure

Fashion to Figure is an American clothing store that sells plus-sized women’s clothing. They have a variety of styles, lengths, and colors.

The pleated skirts are available in sizes 12-24. This brand has been raved about so much that it definitely needs to be added to this list. Fashion to Figure also has many other styles and sizes available for their customers too! I have yet to buy from them, but when I do, I will share my experience!


If you’re looking for cute plus-size items, CutieKill is your best bet. They sell a variety of clothes and accessories for all sizes. If you’re interested in pleated skirts, they have a huge selection that comes in multiple colors at various price points.

They have free shipping on orders over $50 and their loyalty program offers 10% off your next order after every purchase with them. They also offer international shipping which makes it easier to buy from them if you live outside the US!

One of the first plus-size-friendly stores that I found that catered toward kawaii fashion had great customer service and shipped my order quickly! Also if you use my code ‘Gemz’ you can save on your first purchase today. Check it out here.

Shein Curve

Shein Curve is a good place to shop for pleated skirts. It’s an online store that stocks a variety of plus-size women’s clothing, including pleated skirts.

The skirts on their site are reasonably priced and come in all different colors and styles. They also have other accessories like scarves, belts, and jewelry for sale as well!

I really enjoy shopping at Shein Curve because it has so many options for me to choose from. They have many different brands that make it easy for me to find something I love without spending too much money! The best part about this store is definitely their prices–you can get some great deals when shopping here!

Go, Shopper Happy!

Those are just a few shops that I know for a fact cater to plus size and have amazing pleated skirts. I should also mention that Hot Topic also offers an amazing range of pleated skirts as well! If you know of any other brands that also cater to plus sizes, please comment below! I am always searching for new stores and brands that I can support!

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