Musthave Summer Essentials!

Hey guys! Its your Girl Sumire with something new!

Now I know that summer is practically almost over

but, I wanted so badly to do a post like this.

Plus, technically we have 1 month left of fun in the sun!

So, here we are!

I put together a small list of what I think needs to be in everyone’s summer wardrobe.

If there is something that you like and want to add it to you collection,

I made sure to make all the pictures are links to find the items

So, be sure to click and explore!

A line Short Skirts

I am absolutely in love with this fashion trend. If you all cant tell by now (if not, you will soon find out) , I am low key obsessed with Asian culture specifically Korean culture. I absolutely love their sense of style. Sometimes I literally feel like I was born in the wrong race just for this fact. The way they are able to layer patterns and still look amazing makes me burn with envy. Seriously, I need someone to teach me how to dress like that. Anyway, the wave of the a line short skirt is here and hope its here to stay! It is a great substitute for the denim shorts and it gives your legs more space to breath. I approve this fashion trend all the way! You can dress this fashion item up and down which makes it a very versatile item to have in your summer closet.

Tonss of Graphic Crop Tops

I love myself some cute tops for the summer especially graphic crop tops. They can match with shorts, skirts, capris,… everything. I honestly need to get some more for the future. You could layer them or just wear them as is. I love them mainly for the messages. I mean who doesn’t??

Great Accessories Make the Outfit!

And what could make a good outfit without some killer accessories?? Chokers are still in season and paired with some flashy earrings, you cant go wrong! Honestly my favorite part of the is accessories. They truly can make or break an outfit. But overall, they add the flare you need to look your best!

Well, this post is super late, but oh well. Hope you all enjoyed your summer, and is enjoying the fall season.

I promise this time around I will be on time with my posts for the fall, and trust me, I am super excited about them!

But, for now, Stay Cool, Stay Classy, And as always, Stay Gemzy!

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