What’s in Gemz’s Cupboard: Aunt Jackie’s Curl Enhance smoothie Review

Hi Welcome back my Gemz, Gemzters, Gemziess…. I think I need to do a new poll on what you all would like to be called… Comment below if you have any ideas.

So, what do I have for you on this addition of What’s In Gemz’s Cupboard?

Well its one of my favorite products that I use right now for my hair!

Aunt Jackie’s Curls and Coils Curl la La Defining Curl Custard

(wow what a mouthful) is a must for all you natural curly beauties

out there! Wow, now I think about it, this is a wonderful time to talk

about this product! Curlfest was last weekend here in NYC!

So Back to Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La curl Custard

I first hear about this product from my mother.

She is always my go to for getting good products without breaking my budget.

She told me that this cream is really great for defining curl patterns,

Which is exactly what I need since my curl pattern is verry coily once it dries.

I honestly dont know all the natural hair lingo

but I know what woks for my hair.

This product can be found in your local beauty supply store

I have to say that this product was great at defining my curl pattern and keeping my hari detangles. It is a lighter texture, so

there was no buld up within my hair.

It also has a really nice smell, so you wouldn’t mind using the product at all.

Did I mention that you can get it for under $10?

Great for all broke college students like me!

Overall, one of the best curling puddings I have used in a while.

I recently went to the beauty supply store and saw that they make

larger containers, so you can have more of it around.

Anyway, I approve of this pudding, so definitly go out and buy it

Or better yet, let me help you out!

Shop for the pudding now: https://amzn.to/2LAZFU8

I promise you won’t regret it!

Please check it out!

Anyway, thats the end of “What’s in Gemz’s Cupboard”

Hope you guys enjoyed it.

If you have any ideas of products you want for me to review, dont be afraid to let me know!

As Always: Stay Cool, Stay Classy, & Stay Gemzy!

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