Emotional Tuesdays- Life always Gets Better Edition

Hey Guys! Your favorite girl is back from her deep slumber and is back to getting her blog life back on track.

Let me tell you, I was having a tough time.

Between parent pressure, school pressure, and self pressure, there wasnt enough space for the word “care”.

Like alot of people out here, I suffer from anxiety, and stress was never and anditote more like a precursor for an upcoming episode of binge eating and depression.

Gosh that was awful.

I really had no desire to write. Everytime I tried, I just got depressed all over again.

On days all I could do is get myself lost in the one thing I love: anime.

Sounds funny but its true. For some odd reason, becoming another character in my head always made my feel better.

I get to live in the destiny and fate that was chosen for them and not have to think about how my destiny or fate hasnt even showed itself true.

I somehow feel better afterwards, stronger even. Its almost like it gives me the courage to get back on my feet.

Well, anyway I am bacl and I am better. Still trying to keep the weight off. I think after I hit 175 pounds I want to try my hand at cosplaying. Tell me what you guys thinks. Thank you all who still support my craziness.

Until next time, Sumire Out!!!

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