The Need For A Yuri On Ice 2 !!!

Hey guys!! Its Sumire here again to talk her favorite subject ever, Anime!!!

This post is a long time coming. As everyone should know, the Winter olympics in South Korea has started and anime seems to be center stage.

In the doubles competiton, the couple did a beautiful routine to our very own Yuri on Ice!! soundtrack.

It was so beautiful that I almost cried.

It really made me miss Yuri and Viktor so much that I watched the whole season over again. I actually wish I didnt because it made me desire another season.

SERIOUSLY!!! Yuri on ice!!! Needs a new season.

I want to see all the characters battle it out once more except with Viktor joining the fold.

I want to see Yurktor (my beautiful union of Viktor and Yuri) blossom into the full blown love it should be.

And lastly,I wasnt to see Yuri Peletski finally fully become that beautiful flower he can be… and maybe another drunk yuri episode 😁!!

Overall, I really miss Yuri and his gang, and I cannot wait to see more of them in the future.

I really need to become more consistent with my writing. I always start but never post!!!

I will get my act together, I promise.

Oh yeah I also started a new section documenting my life journey on becoming “my best self“.

So, definetly check it out. I will post on it soon.


Anyway, let me get back on track for you guys. Until next time.


4 thoughts on “The Need For A Yuri On Ice 2 !!!

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    1. OMG I have been having issues seeing comments on my page!!! I am so sorry! I can’t for the movie too. I really miss them. I was so proud of being apart of this otaku life. We were really represented at the olympics. I really hope it would be like that for the future. Wait…. Japan 2020!! Wish grantedπŸ™†πŸ˜πŸ”₯

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