I am the Depressive Music Queen

I have realized for a long time that I have an obsession.

Dont get me wrong, I like this obsession and I guess you can argue that it is not dangerous.

Or at least I hope so.

From since I was a little girl always loved minor chords. Now I think about it, my favorite scales to play were all minors.

The melodious sounds always felt like it was melting off the frost that built on my heart. It used to give me chills. Although, I gave up playing my instruments, long ago, I haven’t given up my love for minor chords. Now honestly the love has developed into a desire to listen to the most airy and depressing music alive.

That dark rich allure of the coolest black roses sitting in the rain.

Some people really dont understand why I love such music, but it makes me happy. Something about a well written minor chord song paired with an airy wispful voice wailing about love or lack there of. Addictive.

Yup I can listen to my girls all day long. Lana del Rey Melanie Martinez Marina and the Diamonds….. yeah those girls. They really do make my day!! Then I have Coldplay in the very middle with 21 pilots and maybe Evanescence if I really in the mood.

In the Valley Below with the Broods and Kye Kye for the rainy days. Mhmm, and I can go on. I really love music and I guess

I can say my fave genre is indie rock/blues. So for all those who think its weird, oh well I can’t help what I like!!!

Oh, for those who DO appreciate my music taste, let me know of some new artists I should listen to. I would appericiate. Sighs. I just did another rant again lolz.

Guess it can’t be helped.

4 thoughts on “I am the Depressive Music Queen

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  1. I can spend whole days listening to that type of playlists – It’s weird but it just calms me down:) I’m less about female singers though – I like bands more.

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    1. Exactly! people look at me weord everytime I try to explain that I enjoy depressing music. I am glad to meet someone else who agrees😊. I checked out your blog. Its awesome!!πŸ’•πŸ™†

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