Valentine gift Rules from a Female Otaku

Hey guys Sumire again!!! It’s that time of year where pink and red hearts flutter everywhere we go, chocolate prices have now risen through the roof, and of course the hustle and bustle of frantic lovebirds looking for that perfect gift to project their love far and wide.

For us otaku (or not) out there, valentines day could be one the most fun and depressing time ever. In anime, especially the romantic based ones, valentines day is always an important time of the year. From the homemade chocolate to making personalized cards for the most popular guy in your class, girls (and I guess guys too) always go all out for valentine’s day.

So this got me thinking. If I had a boyfriend what would I want for valentine’s day? Good question. I don’t know about you, but I never have been into traditional gifts. For christmas, most people always asked for the most expensive gadgetry or clothing and I only ever ask for one of two things : a journal or a book. Yup, I guess I am an easy girl to please. But then I thought, what if I had a boyfriend who loved anime as much as I did? What in the world would I want him to give me?

So here I am writing about what suggestions or rather rules I would make for anyone giving their S/O (significant other) ,who loves anime, a valentine this year.


Rule #1: Know what anime s/he enjoys

There is nothing worse than giving a present that you put all your thought into to find out that you made the smallest error in research which turned everything into a massive disaster. Especially a valentine’s day gift. Make sure you ask tons of questions on which anime s/he likes most and write them down in rank. If s/he asks you why, just tell them it’s for a project or a survey, they’ll let you off the hook.

Rule #2: Get Something s/he would Use


Sounds crazy but it works. Roses whither and chocolate melts. But an attack on titan Scouting Legion sweater will be timeless.Well, that’s just my opinion. If you want to still get the flowers and chocolates, that’s fine but what would show true love more than you giving the girl you like her favorite anime themed mug? I mean if it was me, I would drink out of that like everyday.


Rule #3 Make it a pair

If you follow rule number 2 you might hit a situation where the item that you chose might be too wacky for your sign. others .Well, just make it a matching pair. For instance, if your gf loves Naruto, you might want to get her a cute headband or keychain. You can either buy a pair or be creative. If her favorite character is sakura, you could buy a naruto band or chain and become the “anime couple”. Sounds cheesy yes, but its the thought that counts. Which leads me to the last rule…..


Rule #4 Be as unique as you S/O.

I know that every person reading this might not be in a relationship, and that’s alright. Neither am I!!! However, I believe these rules will still work as long as you use them in moderation and know the person you are either with or confessing to. If you know your S.O. loves anime but loves flowers more,get her a whole bunch of her favorite flowers and maybe a cute matching keychain and make her day. If s/he is someone who doesn’t really like valentines day but you still want to confess, do it in a way that you know they would enjoy.

At the end of the day, valentines is a time to spread love. So I give a FIGHTING!! to you all. And remember, if it doesn’t work out, there is always next year to do better!!

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