My top Anime recommendations for Beginners <3

Hello again my Gemz! SUMIRE here!
So I have been so busy with life that I almost forgot that I am trying to do this blog thing giggles.

So here I am starting up my shenanigans. Anyway, shout out to my babes #BTS blowing up the whole western hemisphere. Die hard #Army for life!!!They are apart of my #DNA. See what I did there, DNA…. song reference… No okay.

Lets move on to my next favorite topic of all time….. ANIME!!!! So for the sake of time, instead of doing favorite animes of all time, I will start of with top 5 animes any newbie should watch.

So as any anime fan know, there are thousands of anime out there that it could be hard to figure out what to watch first.

So have no fear. SUMIRE IS HERE!!!

Just fyi, I tend to spoil things for people so I am just going to recommend and give the most general synopsis ever. If you want to find out details, you will have to watch and see giggles.

5. Dragon Ball Z: Okay, I know what alot of you are thinking. That show is so old and long a newbie would hate it. Well to me its a great start. The story line is easy to follow ( once you are watching from the beginning) and the characters are all entertaining.

The one thing I hate about a good anime is when it ends way too early. At least with Dragon ball z, it will take you a long time to finish so you wont have to go looking for a new anime so soon. Also the fight scenes are legendary.

4. Bleach: First of all, bleach is one my true all time favorite animes. ICHIGO WILL ALWAYS BE MY HUSBAND. If you want a more modern fighting anime, this is your show.

The show is basically ichigos adventure to save his family which turned into him saving to world from demon like creatures named hallows. The story plot is awesome and the characters develop so well as the show goes on.

There is about 150 or so episodes so you will never get bored. The only thing that I hated is the it ended to abruptly. My husband was supposed gain way more power than he did in the show sobs against a wall. I guess that cant be helped. I promise you it a show you wont forget

3. Black Butler: Black Butler. Mhhhhmmmm!!! Now who doesnt love seeing a sexy butler ( who happens to be a demon) at work. Man, sebastian is my favorite character in this anime and he will be yours too. This anime is so good you will be shaking with excitement at every turn. If you like mystery shows, you will definitely like black butler. Compared to the other animes, this show is shorter, so it would be easier to finish, but it will leave you wanting more.

2. Hunter x hunter: Now to my other favorite anime!!!. Honestly, the name does not give this show any justice. Its about a kid named Gon who goes on an adventure to become a hunter to find his father. Ultimately he goes through huge trials to become a hunter and makes wonderful friends on the way.

This anime always had me at the edge of my chair wondering what will happen next. What made it even cooler is that Gon is a kid fighting people twice his size usually. I give this anime 2 big thumbs up. I would watch this show over and over and over again, because it is that good.

And first place goes to……

One Piece!!!! Now I started watching one piece since I was in pre teen years so I am super biased about it. One piece, no matter how much time has went by, never gets old. Luffy at the age of 17 sets sail on an adventure to become king of the pirates!!.

Now know that sounds corny, but the world of One Piece is one you might want to experience at least once. From the devil fruits to the different pirate groups and luffys awesome absentmindedness, you really cannot go wrong with this show. Believe it or not it currently has over 800 episodes and it is still on air today ( actually a new episode does drop today lolz). So if you start now, you will never run out of episodes to watch. I really love the character development of every crew member on luffys ship and how there is always a surpise lurking at every corner. Also, the fights are EPIC!!!!! When you put all of that together, you really cannot go wrong.

And with that I conclude my top 5 must watch for newbies. Hope you all enjoyed. If you feel like I left out some good anime let me know ny commenting to my post. Thanks for everything. SUMIRE OUT!!!!!

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  1. Great list, but, I feel like you could vary the genre a bit to accomodate ​for a larger demographic. Anyways, I just discovered your blogs and am looking forward to it.

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