Sometimes, I am so over life!!

I was once was told that this world is worth living for. Pfft, as if. This whole world really gives me the creeps. If it’s not war, its injustice. If its not gender isolation, its racism. Is there never a time this world can truly be one? No matter where you look, everyone always want to say that they understand each other’s pain… but they really don’t. They hide behind “empathy” as if it’s a cloak disguising their hope that ones suffering is something they would never feel.

To me, that is not true empathy, that’s just ignorance. The saying you only know how someone feels when you are in their shoes would be accurate if people did imagine actually wearing each others shoes. If that was the case, more people would understand that religion is actually a choice rather than a bound rite and that just because you have black friends, that doesn’t make you exempt from saying ignorant things.

I am so tired of insensitivity of this world. Its either your too pretty or too ugly. Too happy or too sad. Too smart or too dumb. Too dark or too light. Too feminine or too masculine. World,  GET A GRIP. Or more GO TAKE A HIKE! Like seriously, who cares. At the end of the day we are all going to die, and leave another generation behind to kill themselves off.

I mean, it is scientifically proven that the earth itself is slowly being destroyed by our hands, so I guess our later generations might not last long. Hmm, it is sad, but its the truth. And since that is the case, the least we could do is change the way we think. True empathy is something we all truly lack, and if nothing is done, the next generation will also.

And that truly scares me more than anything. Well it is just my own stupid opinion. I just had this on my chest and wanted to share.


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